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Guidelines on the Voluntary Certification of Food Contact Articles Used for Prepackaged Processed Food Products Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Guidelines on Labeling Requirements of Drug Products under Maximum Retail Price (MRP) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
.Department of Health-DOH Draft Administrative Order Revised Rules and Regulations on the Licensing of Food Establishments and Registration of Processed Food, and Other Food Products, and for Other Purposes Repealing Administrative Order 2014-2019 Import/export picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Guidelines on the Voluntary Certification of Food Contact Articles Used for Prepackaged Processed Food Products picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Implementing the Philippine National Standard Specification of Biofuels – Coconut Methyl Ester (B100), PNS/DOE QS 002:2021 picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Draft FDA Circular entitled “Abridged Processing of Application for Registration/Notification of Medical Devices Approved by National Regulatory Authority of Any ASEAN Member Country” picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
FDA Circular No. : Interim Guidelines on the Renewal of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMS) Clearance of Foreign Drug Manufacturers picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Draft FDA Circular No. : Guidelines on the Issuance of License to Operate for Drug Establishments Engaged in E-Pharmacy picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
DOST-DA-DERN-DOH-DILG Joint Department Circular No.1 series of 2021: Rules and Regulations picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Adoption of the Post-Marketing Alert System (PMAS) Requirements, Annex 5 of the ASEAN Medical Device Directive (AMDD) picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Draft FDA Circular entitled “Specific List of Registrable In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device (IVD) and Revised Technical Requirements for Registration of COVID-19 Test Kits picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Implementing Guidelines for Administrative Order No. 2019-0019 picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Department of Agriculture Memorandum Order No.9 Series of 2022 Temporary Suspension of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Import Clearance for Domestic and Wild Pigs and their Products Including Pork meat, Pig Skin, porcine Processed Animal Proteins and Semen Originating from Thailand picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Draft Regulation of Indonesian Food and Drug Authority of The Republic of Indonesia on Heavy Metals Contaminants Requirements in Processed Food picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30
Draft Administrative Order entitled “Rules and Regulations Governing the Issuance of an Authorization for an In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device (IVD) picture_as_pdf 2022-11-30