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Issuance of goods required to apply for export license Export picture_as_pdf 2020-07-13
Issuing regulations on the import of goods required to apply for import license Import picture_as_pdf 2020-07-13
Newsletter No. 9/2020 concerning procedures to apply for Liquor import registration certificate Export picture_as_pdf 2020-06-12
Notification No.7/2019 concerning Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the application of the Certificates of Origin (CO Form), entered into force on 25 September 2019. Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2020-06-02
Notification No. 12/2020 concerning Customs Procedures for the application of the Preferential Tariff of the products originated in ASEAN Members and the Dialogue Partners, entered into force on 24 January 2020. Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2020-06-01
Newsletter No. 8/2020 concerning the registration and extension of Myanmar Tradenet Member Account Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2020-05-29
Newsletter No. 7/2020 concerning the amendment of Newsletter No.5/2020 Export picture_as_pdf 2020-05-14
Newsletter No. 6/2020 concerning the extension of the list of items which the export/ import license can be applied online Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2020-04-30
Newsletter No. 5/2020, dated 24th April 2020, announcing the procedures for applying the export license for exportation of rice/broken rice during the Covid-19 Pandemic Export picture_as_pdf 2020-04-27
Newsletter No. 4/2020 concerning the extension of the validity period of export/import registration certificates Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2020-04-27
Newsletter No. 2/2020 (Announcement of the specifications for the value-added crops, particularly maize, sesame, pulses and beans) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2020-04-21
Newsletter No. 3/2020 concerning the procedures for exportation of Rice and Broken Rice Export picture_as_pdf 2020-04-09
Newsletter 1-2020 (Announcement of permitting the importation of Used Bicycle for 2020) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2020-01-13
Newsletter 8-2019 (Announcement of utilizing Tax Identification Number –TIN instead of Export/Import Registration Numbers and codes) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2019-12-30
Newsletter 7/2019 (Announcing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the application to the Certificates of Origin) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2019-10-03