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Newsletter 7/2019 (Standard Operating Procedures for Certificates of Origin-CO Form) picture_as_pdf 2019-10-03
သတင်းလွှာ (၅/၂၀၁၉) (ကုက္ကိုလ်သစ်ခွဲသားများ ပြည်ပသို့ တင်ပို့ခွင့်မပြုကြောင်း အသိပေးကြေငြာခြင်း) picture_as_pdf 2019-09-25
Newsletter 6/2019 (Announcement to apply for registration as wholesaler /retailer according to the Notification No.23/ 2019) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2019-09-17
News Letter (4/2019) (Announcement to update the detail information of the certificate of the Exporter/ Importer Registration) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2019-07-18
News Letter 3/2019 (Permitting the importation of certain seasonal fruits via border trade points only at certain times of the year , when they are not produced in Myanmar) Import picture_as_pdf 2019-05-07
Newsletter 2/2019 (Amending the registration fees and verification fees for issuing true copy) Import picture_as_pdf 2019-03-05
Directive No. 1/2019 (Labeling Requirement for the Business) SPS picture_as_pdf 2019-01-25
News Letter 6/2018 (Amending the Exporter/ Importer Registration Procedures) picture_as_pdf 2018-08-15
News Letter 5/2018 (Amending the Export/ Import Rates) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2018-08-15
News Letter 2/2018 (SOP for Whole Sale and Retail Sale Registration) General picture_as_pdf 2018-08-14
News Letter 3/2018 (Commodity List for Whole Sale and Retail Sale) General picture_as_pdf 2018-08-14
Export/ Import News Letter 4/2018 (Announcement on Fully Online Licensing used Commodities) Import/Export picture_as_pdf 2018-08-10
Commodities for Re-export Export picture_as_pdf 2018-07-05
Announcement on the Permitting the import of Used Bicycle in 2018 (1/2018) 2018-07-05