Application of export license / permit via Tradenet 2.0

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Summary Application of export license / permit via Tradenet 2.0 Division under the Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce

Application of export license / permit via Tradenet 2.0

Step I

  1. The applicant for export license / permit must be a Trade Net 2.0 Member.
  2. The applicant for export license / permit must be a holder of Importer/exporter registration certificate (Known as Pa-Tha-Ka);
  3. Importer/exporter registration certificate holder must be eligible to undertake trade related matters and the company they represent must not be a blacklisted, suspended and/ or a canceled one.
  4. The applicant who has been a Trade Net 2.0 Member will have access to After providing the registered Email Address and a Password of the applicant for logging in at, license application can be undertaken.
  5. The applicant needs to know that the items they wish to export /import are required to obtain license/permit or not. The list of the tariff lines for products that are subject to export license are published via and
  6. An export license/permit (Oversea/land border) applicant can perform the followings once they are in the system-
  1. Examining the information relating to the Importer/exporter registration certificate of his/her company (i.e. view all process of updated status)
  2. Selecting the appropriate suitable title to apply for the export license/permit (e.g. If they want to export goods via oversea, they need to click oversea), and filling up the Application Form
  3. Providing the relevant HS Code, Description, Price, Quantity, and Value of the export products
  4. Uploading related documents and supporting documents such as Invoice (or) Sale Contract, OGA Recommendation as the attached files
  5. Making payment for Application Form for the information sent electronically from MGMA to Trade Net 2.0 (Note: This step is necessary only for the CMP exporters)
  6. Clicking Summit Button after filling up the necessary information at the Application Form for obtaining export license/permit (Note: The application form will be sent to the MoC for processing)

Step II

  1. Upon receiving the application, the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) will undertake the following actions:
    1. Reviewing whether the submitted application and supporting documents are complete, valid and authentic
    2. Examining whether the contents described in the submitted application is in compliance with those in the Invoice (or) Sale Contract, OGA Recommendations or not
    3. Examining whether the HS code for the product they want to export is correctly filled up or not, and examining whether the Unit Code of the HS code is correct or not
    4. Examining whether the number, price, and value of the products which are going to be exported are correctly filled up or not in the online license application form
  2. The applicants of online license application forms which are not completely filled up and those who do not provide the supporting documents for the submitted application will be sent a notification via message box with feedback, describing that their application from is pending because of missing or incomplete information.
  3. Then, the applicant needs to make corrections or further improvements according to the instructions via message box for re-submission of the application form to the MoC.

If the information contained in the application form are correctly filled up and the relevant supporting documents are completely attached, the applicants can undertake resubmission of the license application and proceed to step III.

Step III

  1. After reviewing the re-submitted application, the MoC will approve the export license application once the re-submitted application passes the screening and reviewing process.
  2. After MoC’s approval, the payment voucher and the approved export license /permit can be printed.
  3. Export license fees are not collected by the MoC.
  4. Application for amendment of the export license/permit, extension of the validity period of the export license/permit (or Renewal), and cancellation of the license/permit can be undertaken via Tradenet2.0.
  5. For Original duplication, the exporter needs to go the Export Import Business (EIB) Division offices in Nay Pyi Taw or Yangon for submitting the application form physically.
  6. The Service fees for the amendment, extension, cancellation of export/import license via Myanamar Tradenet 2.0 are vary as listed below:

Service fee for export/import license amendment, extension, cancellation via Myanamar Tradenet 2.0



​Service Fees-Kyats


The annual membership fee of Myanmar Tradenet 2.0

15000 kyats


Online Service

3000 kyats


Fines for extension / amendment (or) renewal/ cancellation of Export license / permit

One month from the expiration date = 5000 kyats


More than one month from the expiration date=10000 Kyats


Fines for extension / amendment (or) renewal/ cancellation of Import license / permit

One month from the expiration date = 5000 kyats


More than one month from the expiration date=10000 Kyats


The following form/s are used in this procedure.

Title Description Category Agency
Application Form for Export License at MOC Anyone who wants to apply the Export License at the Ministry of Commerce, Department of Trade, shall use this export license application form. Export Department of Trade