System Approach for Food

Description The measure (Chapter 8, Para 18) provides the system approach which needed for the conformity assessment. A person who imports food shall strictly abide by the order, directive and conditions issued by the relevant agency in respect of quality assurance of food, labelling and advertisement. The objectives of the measure are to enable the public to consume food of genuine quality, free from danger and hygienic, to prevent the public from consuming food that may cause danger or are injurious to health, to supervise production of controlled food systemically, to control and regulate the production, import, export, storage, distribution and sale of food systematically.
Comments National Food Law 1997 is issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports and issued the Law Amending the National Food Law in 2013. This measure is subject to change as the conditions in the country change.
Agency Department of Food and Drug Administration
Export/Import Import
Validity From 1997-03-03
Validity To Untill it is cancelled by the responsible agency.
Reference National Food Law 1997
Technical Code
UN Code A13 - Systems Approach
Updated At 2019-01-29 09:01:06

Legal Documents
Name Category
National Food Law (1997) Law
Name Description Category
Food Import Health Certificate Procedures for Obtaining Food Import Health Certificate (IHC) from Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health and Sports Import
Food Import Recommendation Obtaining Food Import Recommendation from Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health Import

This measure applies to the following commodities.

HS Code Description
0408990000 - - Other
0409000000 Natural honey.
0410001000 - Birds’ nests
0410009000 - Other
0711201000 - - Preserved by sulphur dioxide gas
0711209000 - - Other
0711401000 - - Preserved by sulphur dioxide gas
0711409000 - - Other
0711511000 - - - Preserved by sulphur dioxide gas
0711519000 - - - Other
0711591000 - - - Preserved by sulphur dioxide gas
0711599000 - - - Other
0711901000 - - Sweet corn
0711902000 - - Chillies (fruits of genus Capsicum)
0711903000 - Capers