Labelling, Marking, or Packaging Requirement for Controlled Precursor Chemical

Description This measure (Chapter 4, Para 20,a,1) provides the requirement the product should be labelled marked or packaged in a certain way before exporting. A person who has obtained an export permit for controlled precursor chemical shall pack it securely and affix the trademark. The objective of this measure is to control the drug abuse.
Comments Notification No. 3/2004 is issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. This measure is subject to change as the conditions in the country changed.
Agency Ministry of Home Affairs
Export/Import Export
Validity From 2004-07-01
Validity To Untill it is cancelled by the responsible agency.
Reference The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law, Section 30, Sub-Section (a)
Technical Code
UN Code P17 - Labelling, marking, or packaging requirements
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Name Description Category
Export Recommendation for Precursor Chemical Obtaining Export Recommendation for Precursor Chemical from the Supervisory Committee for Controlled Precursor Chemical (SCCPC) under the Ministry of Home Affairs Export

This measure applies to the following commodities.

HS Code Description
2939420000 - - Pseudoephedrine (INN) and its salts
2939440000 - - Norephedrine and its salts
2939610000 - - Ergometrine (INN) and its salts
2939620000 - - Ergotamine(INN) and its salts
2939630000 - - Lysergic acid and its salts