Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law

The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw enacts Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law on 23, January, 2014. The objectives of this law are to support the main objectives of the national economic development plan, to affect employment for the people, to promote their living standards, to promote the export of goods with the improvement of production and to increase foreign exchange earnings, to encourage, promote and attract being for the balanced development of the industrial, economic and social sectors in the State, to promote cooperation in industrial, economic and commercial activities, services and financial transactions between the State and other countries, and to provide the opportunities for vocational training to the citizens, to encourage and attract domestic and foreign investments by building good foundations for the Developers and the Investors, to promote the flow of domestic and foreign investments in the Special Economic Zone and to establish linkage in continuity among the industries in and the Special Economic Zone with the creation of new jobs.

Issue Date 0000-00-00
Legal Type Law
Issuing Agency Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry
Responsible Agency Directorate of Investment and Company Administration
Updated At 2018-05-28 16:00:45

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