Directive No.4/2021 concerning Standards for Aquatic Products intended to be exported to the People’s Republic of China

The Department of Fisheries issued the standards for Aquaculture Products intended to be export to the People’s Republic of China such as  GB 14881-2013 (General Hygiene Regulation for Foods Production), GB 20941 -2016 (Hygienic Practice of Aquatic Products)၊ GB 2733-2015 (Fresh, Frozen Aquatic Products of Animal Origin)၊ GB/T 27341-2009 (General Requirement for Food Processing Plant/ Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point- HACCP  System). The exporters exporting aquaculture products  to China have to comply with the prescribed standards issued by the People’s Republic of China will enhance the trade facilitation process.


Issue Date 2021-12-17
Legal Type Order
Issuing Agency Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation
Responsible Agency Department of Fisheries
Updated At 2022-07-01 07:04:27

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