Notification No.50/2020 concerning the Regulation for Import license application

This measure (Paragraph 2,3 and 4 thereof) provides for prior application of import license for the items requiring import license, EXCEPT for the items to be stored in Custom Bonded Warehouse, before the arrival of goods. If the goods required to apply import licence are imported without permit/ licence of the Ministry of Commerce and reach in advance to the harbor, that import company will be dealt with according to The Export and Import Law. If these license items are to be taken out of the Custom Bonded Warehouse for domestic consumption, the importing company needs to follow the procedures and protocols and apply for the import license. The objective of this measure is to prevent illegal trade and to state administrative procedures for importation of goods.


Issue Date 2020-07-08
Legal Type Notification
Issuing Agency Ministry of Commerce
Responsible Agency Department of Trade
Updated At 2020-08-12 05:00:31