Notification No. 4/2020 concerning the guidelines for Fertilizer package or container in applying registration certificates.

The Fertilizer Committee under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation issued the Notification No. 4/2020 on 29th April 2020 by exercising the power of authorization in accordance with Article 48 (b) of the Fertilizer Law and Article 58 of the Procedures Relating to the Fertilizer Law. In applying registration certificates, any person desirous of operating fertilizer business shall mention on Fertilizer package or container the following particulars:

(i) Any fertilizer business shall mention trademarks, name of products, net weight of fertilizer, storage instructions and prescription for use and cautions for foliar fertilizer and bio- fertilizer in Myanmar Language (or) in Myanmar Language in conjunction with one or more other languages.

(ii) Import Registration Certificate Number (Ta Tha) and Importer/Distributor Name shall be provided for importation of fertilizer. Import Registration Certificate (Ta Tha Ka) shall be provided for importation of raw material. Fertilizer Manufacturing Registration Certificate Number (Hta La) and Manufacturer / Distributor Name shall be provided for fertilizer manufactured in Myanmar.

(iii) Percentage of Plant Nutrient / Quality Assurance shall be provided.

(iv) prescription for use shall be provided separately in the package or container of the compound fertilizer

(v) Manufactured date and expiry date shall be provided for bio-fertilizer.

Issue Date 2020-04-29
Legal Type Notification
Issuing Agency Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation
Responsible Agency Department of Agriculture
Updated At 2020-05-13 04:17:09