Export Recommendation and Health Certificate for Live Aquatic Animals

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Picture Export Recommendation and Health Certificate for Live Aquatic Animals
Summary Procedure for obtaining Export Recommendation and Health Certificate (HC) for live aquatic animals from the Department of Fisheries under Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.

Department of Fisheries

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation

Procedure for Obtaining Export Recommendation and Health Certificate (HC) for Live Aquatic Animals


Step (1)

A person exporting live aquatic animals shall apply a recommendation certificate and Health Certificate (HC) to the Fish Inspection and Quality Control Division (FIQCD) under the Department of Fisheries along with the following supporting documents.

  1. Application letter with Company letter and signed by company’s director
  2. Registration of Aquatic Farm in Myanmar
  3. Proforma Invoice (copy)
  4. Sales Contract (copy)
  5. Packing List (copy)
  6. Copy of company registration issued by Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (copy)
  7. Export/Import License that obtained from the Ministry of Commerce (copy)
  8. Receipt copy of micro testing fees
  9. Receipt copy of chemical testing fees
  10. Receipt copy of Physical inspection fees


Step (2)

DOF shall check and review on the completeness of the application and register the documents. For the incomplete and incorrect application, DOF informs the exporter with reason. The exporter corrects, completes and resubmits the documents. If application is rejected, the process shall end here. For the correct and complete application, within three hours, the DOF will send the export endorsement to the Customs Department.

Step (3)

For the application of the Health Certificate, the FIQCD under the DOF shall check and monitor the exportation of live aquatic animals. FIQCD will keep aquatic animals for observation in suitable tanks with mechanical, biological or chemical filtration system to clean water by removing toxic nitrogen compounds, depending upon the variety of animal. When needed, FIQCD will provide aeration facilities to the aquatic animals. FIQCD will conduct microbiological testing, chemical testing, and physical inspection. The exporter must pay all the testing and inspection fees as described by the DOF. After all the successful test result, FIQCD will provide health certificate for the exportation of the live aquatic animals.



  • The overall process will take from 7 to 10 days.
  • The exporter is required to pay the lab testing and Health Certificate fees as determined by the DOF.
  • The exporter must comply with the establishments of the infrastructural/hygienic requirements and other food safety requirements.
  • The exporter must ensure the aquatic animals’ health and free from injuries or diseases during the procurement and transportation of the live aquatic animals. If needed, the aquatic animals may be hibernated in chilled water during the transportation.
  • The exporter must comply with HACCP/GMP and CITIES requirements.




The following form/s are used in this procedure.

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