Exporter/Importer Registration Procedure

Last Updated: 2018-09-02 11:14:27

Obtaining Exporter/Importer Registration from the Trade Policy Division under the Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce

Department of Trade

Ministry of Commerce

Procedures for Obtaining Exporter/Importer Registration Certificate


Step 1:

The traders, in person, can file the Pa-Tha-Ka paper-application form along with supporting documents at the Trade Policy Division(TPD) office in the Department of Trade (DOT), Ministry of Commerce (MOC) in Naypyitaw (Head Office) and Yangon, the Yankin Myanmar Investment Commission One Stop Service (MIC) and Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Yangon. For online applicants, they can access the website ( to apply it remotely.

Step 2:

The applicant fills in the form and submit the application form along with supporting documents. For online applicants, they can fill in the form and upload all required supporting documents in pdf format. The supporting documents are:

  1. The Company Official Letterhead
  2. Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Registration of Document and Company Registration issued by the DICA (Original or Duplicate copy)
  3. List of the Company Board of Directors (Form 26) (Original or Duplicate)
  4. Return of Allotments (Form 6) (Original or Duplicate)
  5. Passport Photos and Certified Signatures of all Board of Directors
  6. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (Original)
  7. MIC Permit (For MIC Companies only)
  8. Copy of each MD/Director’s Passport (For MIC Foreign Companies)
  9. Form of Permit (For Foreign Companies)


Note: In addition to the Pa-Tha-Ka, the exporters/importers must submit a separate registration application if they would like to apply specific certificates for the following commodities and services:

  1. Business Representative
  2. Duty Free Shop
  3. Re-exporter Registration
  4. Car Sale Center/Car Show Room Services
  5. Wine Importer Registration
  6. Retail/Wholesale Registration


When finished filling in all the required fields and uploading supporting documents, click “submit” to proceed the next step. The applicant will wait for the Step 3 process after submitting the applications.

Step 3:

The TPD screens, reviews and confirms the application. If the application is incomplete or with incorrect information (data), the TPD will inform the trader to correct and resubmit the application. If screening process is passed, the applicant will be notified to pay (remit) the registration and other additional fees.

Step 4:

The fees can be paid through the licensing payment services of the Myanmar Citizen Banks’ deposit account or the Myanmar Payment Union through Point of Sales (POS) device. The registration period is only valid for 5 years.

Pa-Tha-Ka first time registration fees and others additional fees are listed below.

Per Registration – MM Kyats



5 years for Company only


1 year (Corporative company)


2 years (Corporative company)


3years (Corporative company)


Above 3 years to 5 years (Corporative company)


Website accessing fees


Fees for certificate

For the Pa-Tha-Ka, amendment, extension, and duplicate original fees, the applicant must bring and submit the original hardcopy of the exporter/importer registration cards (certificates) and others supporting documents that mentioned in the amendment on the exporter/importer registration newsletter (6/2018). The TPD will allow up to 5 representatives for each company to liaise with the MOC on the application process of the Pa-Tha-Ka. The company can apply the representative cards at the MOC with the following fees.

The fees will be applied as stated below.


Fees – Kyats


10000 Per a point


Same as first time registration

Duplication Original


Representatives registration cards (up to 5 cards)

10000 for first card, 20000 for second card, 30000 for third card, 40000 for fourth card, 50000 for fifth card

For a successful payment or in case of a failure, the payment system will be notified to the applicant with a confirmation and notification. For the successful payment, the TPD will provide a payment slip. After the successful process of the above stated steps, the TPD will issue the Pa-Tha-Ka registration certificate and additional certificates if the traders applied for them. And the traders can collect the Pa-Tha-Ka registration certificate for applying export/import license at the Ministry of Commerce.