Legal Document

Title: Notification No. 3/2016 (Issuing the List of Prohibited List)
Type: Notification
Issuing Agency: Department of Industrial Collaboratioin
Responsible Agency: Department of Industrial Collaboratioin
Issuing Date : 30-06-2016

The 26 numbers of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which were specified by Stockholm Convention, the one number of chemical which was banned by

Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol, the 26 numbers of Prior Informed

Consent pesticide which were issued by Pesticide Registration Board (Ministry of

Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation) with the notification number (1/2013) and the

12 numbers of chemical in Schedule-1 of Chemical Weapon Convention, totally, the 65 numbers of chemical are specified as the Prohibited Chemicals under section

5, sub-section (h) of Prevention of Hazard from Chemical and Related Substance